Areas of Practice


We advise our clients and conduct Arbitration trials taking into consideration, the long experience in the conduct of Litigation matters in the Courts of Law including International Arbitrations.


We have been associated with the Banks and handled vide variety of litigation and non - litigation matters right from Drafting Banking Documents to the filing of cases and the executi on of the Decrees. We have been providing expert legal advice in very many high value Banking Transactions safeguarding the interest of the Bank.


We have played a major role in giving specialised Legal Opinion to the Corporates. We have in - depth knowledge about Company matters both in Litigation and non - litigation areas. Our team includes Company Secretary and Chartered Accountant to analyze and provide solutions to complex legal issues affecting the Companies. Our Advocates argue o urselves important cases, some of which were reported in the law journals.


Litigation has been one of our core areas wherein we have excelled in unraveling the complexities of Civil Law. We provide pragmatic legal solutions to Corporates. We hav e been hugely successful in using the existing legal infrastructures, to obtain relief, notwithstanding inherent slowness of the legal process.


Experienced hands shall take care of our clients intellectual property issues viz Patents, Copyrights and Trade Marks, both its filing, defending, appearance before the Tribunals and High Court etc. Our team includes qualified Post Graduates in Engineering and Science to tackle some of the technical issues .


We have the infrastructure in the major cities to defend cases filed against our clients.


We have understood that many of the Litigations can be avoided had there been enough stress laid in the field of non - litigation. A good non - litigation lawyer with h is expertise and skill in his drafting can plug in the loop - holes and ensure that little scope is given for disputes and differences for the parties to the Agreement. We hence try to curb much of the Litigation by providing professional expertise in non - li tigation. We vet documents including international commercial documents.


The blooming Real Estate has also got into a lot of complexities and uncertainties. We having understood the same has in - depth knowledge of the Real Estate and have been providing Legal Opinions and title certificates and Assistance to our Clients.


This new branch of law has opened up many challenges and we could live up to it. It has been so far very effective in recovering dues. We have represented Financial and Operational Creditors, Resolution Professionals, Committee of Creditors and also Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board etc.







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